2nd National Conference on Research and Development

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2nd National Conference on Research and Development
10th – 11th April 2020 (28-29 Chaitra 2076)


Southwestern Centre for Research and PhD Studies (PhD Centre) was set up in 2010 as part of the endeavours of nationally and internationally recognized scholars, researchers, intellectuals and development experts, who will constitute its faculty with a commitment to reconstruct and socially transform society in Nepal and thereby around the world through academic and development endeavours built on the long journey of rural reconstruction. Since its inception, the Centre has been actively engaged in connecting researchers globally through joint research, conferences/workshops on burning issues, training, publishing journal articles, and networking/partnering with various universities (both national and international), government agencies, and other development agencies

The Centre has started an innovative programme of developing trainers/facilitators in local areas who could train and motivate local leaders and community people as well. Local level government such as metropolitan or sub-metropolitan cities, municipalities and village development committees, local NGOs or individuals may contact the Centre to participate in this initiative. Through this initiative, we develop competent human resources required for the local levels on training and facilitation, project development and fundraising, leadership and management, participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation, consensus building, conducting meeting effectively, and motivating local communities.

Every year, Southwestern Centre for Research and PhD Studies hosts Conference on Research and Development and similar themes. First National Conference on Research and Development was held on November 30 – December 1, 2018 in Kathmandu, Nepal. We invite participants belonging to various themes. The purpose of the gathering is to bring together and connect committed, innovative practitioners representing different themes of social change, and to highlight projects that are making a difference in the quality of life of people all over the world through research and development.

Conference on Research and Development

The 2020 Conference will be held in Kathmandu, Nepal in which we are expecting more than 300 participants belonging to various professions in academic, development and business sectors to share their findings, experiences and learning.


Theme includes but not limited to education, economics, global development, health and well being and society and public affairs.

  • ECONOMICS, MARKETS, AND THE WORKFORCE: Research related to assess

our economy and individuals’ professional and financial health. Topics: Economic Measures; Energy Consumption; Income and Wealth; Infrastructure; Insurance Markets; Labor and Employment; Poverty and Inequality; Price and Consumption; Transportation;

  • EDUCATION, TRAINING, AND LEARNING: Research on vital information on the needs and experience of learners of all ages, the nature and quality of the training and education resources available to them. Topics: Access to Education; Early Childhood Education; Education Workforce; Educational Attainment and Outcomes; Elementary and Secondary Education; Post-Secondary Education; Professional Development, Job

Training,   and  Adult  Education;  School   Improvement   and   Accountability;   Science,

Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM); Information Technology; Student Performance; Biodiversity; Ecotourism;

  • GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT: Research to improve the development programs of governments, international aid agencies, and other organizations around the world.

Topics: Water Resources, Forest, Agriculture, Forests; Climate Change and Energy; Environment; Child and Youth Well-Being; Gender Equality, Social Inclusion, Livelihood; Democracy and Governance, Policy and Legal Issues; Economics, Finance, Audit, Tax; Education and Training; Employment and Income Generation; Health Programs; Infrastructure and Urbanization;

  • HEALTH AND WELL-BEING: Any area of health and health care. Topics: Reproductive health; Family planning; Abortion; Access and Affordability; Aging and the Life Course; Behavioral Health; Care Coordination and Quality; Children Health; Health Care Evaluation; Health Communication; Health Disparities; Health Economics; Health Informatics; Infectious Diseases; Medicare and Medicaid; Patient Satisfaction; Prevention, Health Promotion, and Lifestyle; Public Health Systems; Rural Health Systems; Rural Health; Transformation and Health;
  • SOCIETY, MEDIA, AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS: Research into the public consciousness to provide government agencies and other organization with data and insights needed to understand and serve citizens. Topics: Arts and Culture; Communications, Outreach and Learning; Communities, Neighborhoods, and Urban Development; Criminal Justice and Violence; Girls trafficking; Human Rights, Peace, Conflict, Democracy, Governance, and Citizenship; Media and Technology; News and Journalism; Public Opinion and Attitudes; Spirituality and Religion; Youth Development

Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference aims to invite people from around the world who wish to participate in the conference but have not been able to participate in the conference for some reasons. This will be available online which involves creating and posting a power-point summary of your work and/or other documents that you want to share with other people around the world. There will be people to help you discuss on your topic.

Poster Presentations – This allows poster presenters design a poster that summarizes a case, methodology, innovation or a practice in one of the topic area mentioned above. These posters will hang around the conference venue to spark discussion, inquiry and exploration.

Registration Fee

Please find the details about the fee for this conference.

Co-Organizer: Rs 500,000.00
Institutional Participation: Rs. 15,000.00
Co-Sponsor: Rs 300,000.00
Individual Participation: Rs 10,000.00

The fee for co-organizer and co-sponsor includes registration fee for five participants.

Registration Deadline: 20th March 2020 (7th Chaitra 2076)


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