Core values are defined as our commitments that express “who we are as an institution” and what principles or qualities should infuse all practices and activities within the institution. The nature and implicit values of PhD Centre are supported by four fundamental pillars:

  • Commitment for promoting critical thinking, learning, and action;
  • Commitment for innovation and entrepreneurship, which implies for creative collaborations;
  • Commitment on diversity and inclusion.
  • Commitment for outreach through public engagement that emphasises proactive actions to generate positive public impact.

Our commitments have following core values:

  • Be a collaborative and caring community, helping to build compassionate civilisation.
  • Knowledge creation should benefit the world.
  • PhD centre is accessible and affordable to all who meet high academic standards.
  • Promote inclusive approach and support to all aspects of society including marginalized community.
  • Be optimistic to the future and seek knowledge and intellectual.
  • Sustain excellence in teaching, research, and public engagement and reward and recognize merit, creativity, and innovation. Create an environment in which learning can be collaborative and fun.
  • Promote cross-cultural and cross-national understandings. Embrace difference and diversity.
  • We treat all individuals with dignity, respect, and fairness.