Institutional Support Management

To facilitate learning and research activities, the Centre has developed a number of reading materials targeting for the scholars and researchers required at different levels during their study. Several manuals/readers are published on Research Philosophy, Quantitative Research, Qualitative Research, Mixed Methods Design, Data Analysis and Interpretation, Writing a Research Report, Guidelines for Supervision, Computer Application for Research and SPSS and MAXQDA for research. The Centre publishes quarterly journal of ‘Journal of Advanced Academic Research’ both in print and electronic form. The peer reviewed journal registered through ISSN system is distributed in Nepal and abroad. It is also incorporated in NepJol system.

National And International Seminars
 The Centre organizes national and international seminars on different research issues with the aim of providing learning opportunity to researchers and scholars. We are promoting research based programme by organizing such seminars at district and regional level with the involvement of academic and research institutions, university teachers’ associations and government and non-governmental organizations. The aim of such seminars is to create a culture of research based education at local level encouraging academicians to pursue research studies, establish research unit at the specific colleges and adopt research based teachings.

National And International Exposure Visit
 The Centre has developed working relation with a number of academic institutes globally with aim of sharing knowledge, skills and experiences among Nepalese and global researchers and academician. The Centre organizes exposure trips to researchers and academician to various countries providing opportunities to build confidence, global research and academic practices and innovation. It helps the participation to reflect their own initiatives and running their own academic institutes or conducting advanced level research activities effectively.

Logistic Management
The Centre has enough working spaces and facilities for research scholars. At its main premises located at Basundhara, Kathmandu. As well, the centre has its own research library, seminar hall and presentation room, online designated IT system, print and electronic books and journals etc. The Centre has cafeteria along with enough parking space. The research scholars and working partners get complete solution for entire secretarial services and logical support for adding value to the research and academic activities.

Human Resources
The Centre has a team of competent and experienced research professionals, trainers and academicians who are nationally and internationally recognized and are associated with a number of prestigious organizations. Moreover, the Centre has a highly experienced management team for overall institutiona! development and ensures smooth coordination, effectiveness of the administrative, financial, logistic, programmes and satisfaction of the development partners.